Friday, September 26, 2008

Campaign Pain

Hundreds of millions
Hillians and Billians
Campaign financing
The cash flows around
Dining and dancing, wallet romancing
Writing checks makes hardly a sound
Compared to the cries of the fiscally bound
Two thousand bucks is a mort-gauge payment
We can’t afford this extra rent
Disposable income already spent
Us vassals pay an automatic tax
Stretched to the limit we can’t relax
The war is funded on our backs
Money for networks, CNN and FOX
The cozy circle: donation - an ad buy - the expert talks
Tracking the horse race as the rest of us watch
Complacent then choosing like Goldilocks
Too high or too low or right in the crotch
They kick us and trick us
The show goes on
Til the first Wednesday in November
When the politicians are gone
Then we hope they remember
And this wasn’t a con.

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