Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reagan Kragen

This engine now might never start money motors fall apart and sad old farts are hoping still to play big parts when those roles they stole were mucky plucked from waters muddy and, yes, we'd prefer the understudy. Bedtime for Bonzo to AG gone Gonzo, the casts change and rearrange, yet the stage is set and we're the fools breaking legs on broken rules, listen closely as they sing their songs turning righteousness into wrongs, the beat goes on drumming strumming thanks for tanks and financial slumming. Across the nation they go dishing meanwhile we continue wishing an extra tax won't snap our backs, not exactly favored sons we're caught looking, backwards Ks, book cooking 401s deep in debt under water, our payments go to pay for slaughter and so the system runs and I have to ask, taking the entire crowd to task, if we don't give you cash in tons, who gets hurt, Republicans? They've stalled us all nothing's getting overhauled.

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